The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of Muammer Saaduddin Ayub & Amanda Katrii Johnson

Saad Ayub is a Canadian - Bangladeshi DJ and producer. Starting his musical career at the age of 18, Saad was an influencer in the dance music scene in his birth country of Bangladesh, landing him gigs there with the Ministry of Sound World Tours. He firmly established himself as one of Canada’s top producers through original releases, remixes and collaborations with dance music legends including Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten. He was also crowned as the breakthrough artist of the year by Paul Van Dyk in 2019 on DJ Mag and his track “Remember” was crowned tune of the year by Ferry Corsten in 2018 on DJ Mag.


Saad’s style has evolved to incorporate a wide range of musical influences, particularly from the ever-evolving world of techno and its many forms. Founding VRTN Records in late 2019, Saad is cultivating a platform for like-minded artists to release music that pushes the conventions of musical genres and develops the sonic landscape of the future.

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Rollerblaster Records is back to provide you a huge Techno single born from the collaboration between Katrii and Saad Ayub, titled "Drown It Out"You can feel Canadian-American musician Katrii’s dark, industrial influence own this new collaboration with fabled techno and trance producer Saad Ayub. The track is hypnotic, fully immersive dance floor fire and is just the antidote we need after so many month of containment. We just need to let the music drown it all out.

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Cory Goldsmith's take on 'Shadow' is a hard-edged, energetic interpretation of the original vocal track from Saad Ayub and Katrii, stripping the track down to its basic elements and injecting a heavy dose of kick, bass, and syncopation. Perfect for a dark dancefloor, should you be so lucky to find one!

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'Wrong is Right' is a unique piece of progressive techno arranged around an unrelenting, descending sequence of bass and keys, making use of an ominous, chant-like vocal for dramatic effect. Its memorable elements guide the listeneron a meditative journey to the nightclub and beyond.

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The multifaceted producer Saad Ayub is back on Homesick Music. This time together with Katrii - a talented lady singer and producer from Canada. They bring their first original creation on the label which they named "Self Destruct". Remixing them, the young raising Argentine producer Matias Stradini, who takes the essense of the original track and gives it his own trademark.

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Be Together is the latest installment from the power duo Saad Ayub & Katrii. This track tells a story about the passing of their cat Dexter and the mental health of any musicians during the Pandemic lockdown.

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'Shadow' is the latest outing from Saad Ayub and Katrii, offering a unique blend of hypnotic vocals, abounding bassline, and atmospheric arpeggiated chords. Together, they create a meditative mood, just as suitable for the nightclub as it is for the centre stage.

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Seduction is Saad Ayub's second outing on the Rollerblaster label and this time he has teamed up with Katrii, a Canadian-American musician based in Toronto producing dark and hypnotising techno. Seduction will lure you in with pulsating rhythms from the off and makes subtle switches and turns as the track progresses. The pack come complete with given an acid treatment, a Berlin basement flavour by new UK minimalist B3CKS and, fresh from their recent number one slot on the Beatport tech-house charts a groovier version courtesy of FunkSpin.

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2020 has been many things for many people, but musically, it has been one of evolution for Saad Ayub; and one that has been aided in partnership with Daniel Ortgiess. Psychosis is the Coldharbour Black followup to summer's Flashback, and was held in reserve to be debuted especially by Markus Schulz during this year's 4 hour rabbithole journey Afterdark 2020. Techno with verve and at its hypnotizing best, Psychosis lives up to its name. And is another home run for this exciting duo.

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Bringing something new into Techno is no mean feat! Judging based on ’Shuffle,’ the official debut release by Toronto DJ and producer Saad Ayub for UK indie Rollerblaster Records, he is set to do exactly that.Those that couldn’t be counted as Techno fans, and even those that are, often don’t realize one key thing. It is a genre that in many ways coincides with modern minimalist classical music. Both are really hard to make into something exciting. You have these constantly revolving themes, in these case beats, that rely on subtle changes that have to keep the interest of primarily the dancers. If they attract the listeners, even better. It is certainly a reverse thing with minimalists. If as a Techno artist you can strike a balance between dancing and listening, you are golden. That is exactly what Saad Ayub was able to come up with ‘Shuffle.’

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It Burns is the first of two tracks from Saad Ayub and Katri. Opening with a pounding rolling bassline, the break is then introduced with sombre ambient pads and atmospheric vocal chops. Arpeggiated synth lines and aggressive growls round out the climax.


'I Know' makes use of a trance-inspired broken octave bassline, layered underneath Katri's scattered vocal chops. Lush strings and dynamic arpeggios complete the break and climax, making for an introspective conclusion to this collaborative It Burns EP.